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Introducing the ‘Travel With Your Ears’ Music Series

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Quarantined during COVID-19? Planning your next vacation and trying to figure out what to see? Intent on a moment of escapism for a stressful day? Allow me to serve up a cure for all ills: a music series that will transport you around the globe from anywhere to anywhere, at any time of day or night.

What Is It?

The 'Travel With Your Ears' music series is an ongoing series of music playlists that will bring you traditional sounds from different countries and continents around the world. Stretch your ears and travel to the distant sands of the Sahara, visit the crystal blue waters of the Greek isles, and sit in a quintessential café in Paris. Hear folk songs from Sweden, and journey back to France during the Middle Ages. Visit the wildlife parks of South Africa, and then dip into a spice market in Tunisia. You can do it all.

The Story Behind ‘Travel With Your Ears’

Much of travel is about setting foot in a foreign land, and seeing a destination in person. But the travel experience goes far beyond just the physical act. Travel is a cultural act, and a philosophical discussion. What are the traditions of a culture in a land far from my own? Music is a big part of cultural tradition, from wandering lute players in the Middle Ages to artists performing in pubs on stages today. It bring us together, and allows us to communicate with one another across borders, in a language all its own. Music can highlight complex social issues, create comfort at times of grief, and pay homage to ancestors who came before us. Music can also inspire us to see the similarities we have to one another, no matter how different we may appear.

As a music lover and faithful supporter of inspiring travel and cultural awareness and understanding in those around me, a thought formed in my mind. Why not create a system that would allow people to experience cultures far from their own while embracing one of the world's most amazing offerings, music. Since I wanted this experience to be available to everyone, I decided to create it using Spotify. After all, like the Spotify platform, travel and cultural understanding should be free to all.

How Do I “Travel With My Ears”?

It's easy, only takes a second, and you can do this one of two ways:


If you're on my blog website, simply look for the the 'Travel With Your Ears' block on any page - it has an easily recognizable headphone icon. You'll see plenty of these blocks floating around the site, and blog pages featuring a specific destination will have a tailored playlist that allows you to explore the destination's musical highlights. Simply click on a playlist cover to be taken to the playlist on Spotify.


You can also find me directly on Spotify, and access all of the playlists from there. If you like a playlist, you can "follow" it. This will save it to your Library, so you can access it quickly for easy listening. Click on the 'follow' button with The Expat Dreamer icon at the bottom of this post to follow me on Spotify.

Listen to the music and be transported whether you're in an office, walking down the street, or relaxing at home. Music has always inspired me, and I hope this music series will inspire you too. Go seek out new corners of the globe, plan journeys and create new experiences, and (at the very least) gain appreciation for the diversity of the world around us. Happy traveling!

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I'm the Expat Dreamer, a native New Yorker who loves traveling, and has embraced her destiny of becoming an expat in Sweden.

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